Endoprosthetics is a method of replacing joints with a complex structure made of metal, ceramics, special high-strength plastic. The expediency of endoprosthesis appears in case of severe wear of the joints, when movements become limited and / or severe pain appears.

The prerequisites for the process of destruction of the joints are diseases (rheumatism, psoriasis, thyroid dysfunction, gout), physiological characteristics (hypoplasia or dysplasia), complications of injuries (nutri-articular fractures) or age-related changes. The most prone to destruction are the hip and knee joints. The service of replacing these joints with artificial ones is in great demand.
Today, endoprostheses have the properties of high-tech and high-precision products, the creation of which uses especially strong and durable materials, the production of which takes place under a special, multi-stage quality control system and mandatory certifications.

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