Our company will deliver medicines from Israel and Europe directly to your home!

It is possible to purchase drugs from us, both Israeli-made and produced in European countries. Patients undergoing treatment often need to quickly purchase a medicine, but in many cases it turns out that it is not available in the pharmacies of the country of residence or the price is unreasonably high. Anyone who encounters similar problems, we suggest placing an order with us.

To search for and deliver the right drug to the patient, we use wide resources and work with pharmaceutical manufacturers in Israel, Turkey, Germany and other European countries.

Israel is one of the world leaders in the field of pharmacy – the development, clinical trials and manufacture of medicines. Quality assurance guaranteed.

Turkey, thanks to its dynamic development, has declared itself as a quality manufacturer of medicines, so the medicines produced there do not differ in quality and effectiveness from European ones, they all also have a quality certificate. We purchase them for you directly from the manufacturer.

Germany has always been distinguished by its excellent quality and pedantry. These advantages were not bypassed by the production of medicines manufactured in Germany. All orders are delivered strictly to the customer’s door and are distinguished by the breadth of the assortment, as well as the high quality standard.

In different countries there are lists of medicines sold without prescriptions. If you need a drug that is sold in your country without a doctor’s prescription, but it is not in the Israeli OTC drug database, we will provide a prescription for it.

In the absence of a prescription for an anti-cancer drug (for chemotherapy, targeted therapy, etc.), it is necessary to visit Israel, meet with a qualified Israeli oncologist who will perform an examination, study the medical history and write a prescription.

Prescriptions for people with chronic diseases and oncological diseases are usually valid for a year, but can be renewed. If your prescription has expired, our specialist will renew it.

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